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  • Michele Bigness

World Order - from St. Germain

January 9, 2017 Global Prophecy posted on Facebook


My purpose is to expand the minds of our presence for world changes and upcoming prophecy. Messages not understood by the general public are crystal clear for those involved in the duplicity of language.

The Americas continue to struggle with world elitism for power roles to stay in charge.

The Muslims prepare for a new stage of world supremacy using destruction. Islam foregos constitutional alliances with Syria,

Pakistan and Islamabad en-route to the monasteries and mosques. Missiles departure go underground, hidden from sonic radar.

Iranian to China exports or underground military ops, find the CIA Hilltops to the Farm land's private sector and Executive Secretary, called Madam for the seat.

The world's marketing of Brigham Young finds Presidential Campaigns for the payout.

​The people of this world live in the Metropolis under the corrupted World Order (The 13 Club) controlling the mass population. Strategies devised to illicit categorically, as conspiratorial to negate and associate, until automatically dismiss, as true. Same strategy used in Watergate until evidentially opposed.

Financial Institution's propaganda, called Board Members, enhance and industrialize promises to the Senate's Seats.

The top 5 Technology Institutions for Government trade to traitors, vie to regain control with efforts blame of discovery.

​We shall name the perpetrators few bringing chaos for power and greed in this new age of McCarthyism.

IBM Presidential, Samsung's top 3 Global Executives, Bush Sr.'s advisors to both sons, The Clinton Regime from Arkansas bi-laws to the monopolizing warehouses holding evidence, Obama's Military Top Rank Advisors,

FDA's elected controlled by Congressional Acts paid from Energy and Fuel law makers,

The United Nations - Polling and European Representatives feeding the intel to the foreign markets,

Emirates of the Arabia's exclusive monarchies, dictators using Israel and Palestine for diversionary measure's to break treaties and sanctions for objectives to disintegrate relationships of power into dissension.

Telcorp's waterfront vistas as a facade to launder foreign trades, AmeriCorps founders’ extensive umbrella as a major fund-holder to a substantial network of subsidiaries, Nettles Black indigenous (in code for location information) for the executives retreat dispersed, World Bank to Banks of America, Deutch-Finland World Unity Investment Traders, Austria-Schweitzer, find the hidden funds for the payouts for the immersive oil embargoes.

These are the majority creating world influx and strife. The hands of corruption fall into many pockets. This is why we are here. It is true, these messages of despair, overwhelming the senses. The purpose to shed light is to bring hope that all is not lost, rather to create awareness I am aware of all the actions and misdeeds of the few over the global world.

I am St. Germain and with the Cosmic Board, Sunat Kumara, Sananda, Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, Koot Hoomi, Paul the Venetian, El Morya, Lord Chohan and His Divine Presence Archangel assistance - we have come in this important transition time this world suffers from.

Do onto others, are not the words of grace for acts of onto others to re-think soul grace for the affects and how many effected, finds merit for results for all.

Already in motion.

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