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I am a Psychic Medium and Master Channel. My years of extensive initiate-adept training, with St. Germain, gave me the skills to tap directly into the Universal All Consciousness, God and Ascended beings. 

In the current transitional times, the effect of planetary re-alignments to shift global awareness is recognized, some refer to as "The New Age of Aquarius" or Spiritual Revolution. Their are various contradicting, defining key fundamental words. To bring clarity, I asked my friend, God.


God - Awakening the Spirit Within


To Attain, one seeks the self connection within, to uncover and expose into the light, the heavy words from the past called expectations, morals, definitions of being good, intelligent, accomplished, faithful, worthy, normal, unique. The dowry called fortitudes. Then, can one re-define as the first step on the individual path to self, into and lightened.

To Awaken: is the path of discovery of self, without fears compromise to please others.

Higher Consciousness: is the awakened to the Divine connection, individually purposed, as all life is connected with shared purpose -- inspire others to be individually-dynamic, discover what's inherent, recognizes when the self or others enslave minds through ignorance or fear, called encouragement's wisdom, posed as teachers.

Spiritual: a complexity of duress for seekers mental gridlock. Let's expand and simplify this magnificent powerful word.

The word God, Source, Allah, Almighty, Universal Creator, The All and all the names associated. Instead, we will use the word, "THE".

  • THE is not one religion created. THE is not one of created religion. THE is not one name created from religion.

  • THE is All Life of Creation, from every religion, answering all names.

  • To be Christian does not find Christ Consciousness. 

  • To atone for sins defined from man, as God, atones man's moralities of fears and guilt, assumed for God.


Christ Consciousness is the soul, individually and proudly, friends with, as the truest most profound definition - a companion for comfort, the Father for strength and safety, the Mother to feel protected, nurtured as a child, prayed to for guidance or release despair, connected in conversations, inquiring about God, too, as a gesture of love and as friends do. 

The path of the human soul, is this.

  • To rediscover the connection automatically understood, heavenly.

  • To seek the individual potential called purpose through the travails and the gloryl

  • To allow the light of the internal glory to radiate into the world without apology to those who respond with limitations judgment - fearful to find their own light.

  • To ask THE directly who guided THE sons and daughters way towards I AM.


I AM is the soul who walks and can only be, the self defined, for no other's purposed tradition, heritage, belief or life -- as all and any found as the commonality to attain personal mastery. Some call this removing illusions, as ye are born without. When every taught fear is rejected, while allowing fear to be felt and not deny, when each worry, sadness, mistrust, despair or grievance acknowledged without shame or guilt, know THE responds to ALL friends in kind to release and ease the accumulated experiences.

Signs of THE are noticeable, clear, subtle or obvious, humorous or serious, in nature or unnaturally, in the environment.

The Christ within is the Zen stillness or the Buddha's boisterous laughter rising into the heavens.

  • As described, individual and defined as friends.

  • As above and below, as within and never without

  • Connected in stillness, witnessing all that you are, will be and do.

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