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To differentiate "True Channeling from the Universal Life Force", context introduces information unknown or unconsidered with the purpose to unify and expand the mind through a process of self-discovery, allowing each to explore their individual path. They will not tell anyone how or what to think, rather, learn not to automatically accept what is taught and how to be intuitively guided.

A Channel for Divine Beings has a higher vibration from meditation and connection with God, allowing information to access their psy-pathways to shift into an altered super consciousness awareness. The Cosmic Consciousness or Ascended Master communicate to the portal of the unconscious mind. When the channeling is complete, the psychic medium shifts awareness into the waking state, retaining the awareness of the experience. Those who channel without a strong connection to the God consciousness, do not meditate or have training in the spiritual arts can receive messages - they may not be from evolved beings (not demons) with direct access to the God Head.



Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance combination may prove to be one of the more effective forms of counseling in the future. The intuitive or psychic counselor is able to get in touch with issues, events and thought patterns that may be hidden in the unconscious and take months or years to become revealed. The Intuitive Guidance can usually sense these events because the guidance is attuned to the finer energies of the mind/body as well as the spiritual nature of the client. The counselor receives intuitive impressions which can be readily confirmed and explored by the client. Rather than taking years to arrive at the core issues generating fear, low self-esteem, unhappiness or lack of motivation, the discovery process is significantly sped up and enhanced. The advantage of this is that the healing process, the corrections in thinking and acting start sooner.

One of the advantages that I like about Psychic Guidance is that it is a highly energetic and interactive process. It actively involves both the client and the counselor both in the discovery and healing process. The majority of beliefs are formed young cultural and family influences. These external belief systems are very powerful, often determining how we feel about ourselves, others and the world around us. In order to create change, is to discover what our subconscious belief systems are.


What does the engine that drives our lives look like?

Identifying belief systems does not need years, with Intuitive Counseling. The guidance accesses subtle energy patterns contained at the cellular level within the ethereal body, identifying patterns from past experiences, past memories and present blocks. Done effectively, powerful and real change occurs.

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