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Robyne Bridgeman

I have received many readings. Michele is top of the list. Her channel is so amazingly clear, and like the other reviews you read of her, I can confirm her accuracy is breath taking. Her predictions materialized even sooner than I thought, but most importantly, She understands and clearly conveys the spiritual energies involved to guide me to my higher and best good. Deepest gratitude.

Jerry Hogan

This is the first time that I have used a Psychic Medium. I began with an open mind but offered nothing because of the nature of the profession. Michele was "spot on" with me right off the bat. She said things only I know, she even repeated phrases I have said. I'm amazed and thankful for Michele. She is the genuine article.

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Laurie Teater

Within the first 5 minutes of my reading with Michelle, I knew she was the real deal. Without asking probing questions she was able to tell me things about my life that no one else could have ever known. Her intuition not only provides understanding, but she also invokes healing, self revelation, and spiritual growth. I am so grateful to have met Michele!

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