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Okay, so you’re at a crossroads in love, life, career.  You’re anxiously waiting for something to happen or need guidance on what to do next. These are the moments in our life when we decide to speak to a psychic. 


Psychics have been sought for their "ability" from Presidents, the rich and famous, Corporations leaders for trends and forecasting profits. The answers most sought, including the "non-believer and skeptic" - love and relationships. 

When the heart is breaking the question is "will I hear from them, again" (when is a given).When calling about a past or current relationship creating uncertainty or obsessive thinking about them, the psychic terrain gets bumpy. You want to only hear they will call or contact. Sometimes they will. The connection is so powerful, they are your soul mate and the only answer that will make sense is - they are.

Sometimes they do. You want to tell the Psychic Reader every detail to make sure they understand. If the reader allows you to control the reading with exhaustive details, you will hang up and doubt everything said because "they weren't psychic - I told them that".


Psychic sabotage. An experienced Psychic knows how to prevent this situation sometimes resulting in a frustration, because your situation is different.


Psychic abilities baffle the logical mind, when truly tapped into all the senses and connected to the Universe and God. Our incredible gift of tuning into your energies and being able to look deeper into situations can create unrealistic expectations. If it's your first reading, and "I have only one question", on romance, it is the can of worms leading to why and what's when answered. These "one questions", when impulsively calling a Psychic Hot-line, can be over $500 to answer all the questions swirling, seeking relief.

I found the following very well written article on "Keen" that is very insightful explaining Psychics and helpful hints when calling about romance (and can be applied, in general).


All psychics are different in how they work, from how they receive their information to their own level of awareness and intuitiveness. Understanding that all psychics are different is important—in order to connect honestly with one, you have to be aware that a good reading requires you to be present and open. In short, don’t call and expect to get answers to all of life’s questions in 2 minutes. 

A psychic reading is an intimate experience, and in order to build that intimacy with your advisor, you need time. This allows connection, as well as the conditions between two people to forge properly in order for energy to coalesce.  To help you get the most out of your reading, the following is a guide for you.


Here are some tips for what NOT to ask, and how to pose your questions to get the best reading possible:

Avoid Passive Questions (Will I?)

Remember, a successful psychic reading goes beyond these minor responses. By asking a question that requires a yes or a no, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Not only will you find yourself with even more questions, you’ll find that you’re anxious about where you stand. We’re letting you know now, you won’t be satisfied with a quick answer.

Example of questions NOT to ask:

•    Will I get married?
•    Will I leave my job?
•    Will I win the lottery?

With these Yes/No answers, there is no space for your development or free will to be considered. The future isn’t written in stone, so formulate questions that allow you to delve deeper into what you’re seeking.

Instead, DO ask: 

•    I’m having trouble seeing eye to eye with my partner. How do I work on healing our relationship?
•    I’m feeling unhappy at work. What’s the source of my dissatisfaction? 
•    What can I do to become more successful in my life? 

Avoid Reassurance or Doubt Questions (Should I?)

It’s understandable to seek reassurance when speaking to a psychic reader. We all need reassurance in our lives in one way or another. However, if you have already formed an opinion and are seeking someone’s support with their opinion, you’re not in the right mindset for your reading.  

“Should I?” questions demonstrate a resigned attitude, and this eliminates the opportunity for you and your reader to discuss the consequences of your actions. 

Example of questions NOT to ask: 

•    Should I get divorced?
•    Should I buy a new car?
•    Should I fire my employee?

Instead, DO ask: 

•    Why is my marriage suffering? 
•    Am I making sound financial decisions for my future?
•    What can I do to motivate my employee and create a relationship where we see eye-to-eye?

Restrictive Questions (Who/What/Where)

Remember, you want to get as much information as you can from a reading, so don’t restrict the scope of what you can learn by beginning your questions with “Who?” “When?” or “Where?” In the broad scheme of things, these answers provide very little insight into the bigger picture, which is what you’re looking to explore. 

Example of questions NOT to ask: 

•    When will I meet my boyfriend/girlfriend?
•    Where will I find my success?
•    Who can I count on? 

These forms of ‘gotcha’ questions only paint you into a corner. Ask yourself, what can you do with this type of information anyway? This doesn't empower you to lead yourself to the type of outcome you’re looking for. So…

Instead, DO ask:

•    What can I do to attract Mr./Mrs. Right?
•    What can I do to attain my goals?
•    What can I do to form and maintain healthier relationships?

Remember, phrasing is key! A psychic reading is an incredible tool to endow you with insight and information that can open doors for you and help you grow spiritually and lead a happier, more centered life. So be prepared with questions that allow you to get the most information as possible to help you improve your relationships, push you to achieve your goals, and be happier all around. Keep your questions focused on you—and be ready to enjoy your reading!

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