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30% Discount

Birthday Club

Members receive a 30% discount on a 60 minute psychic or medium appointment. Enter your birthday & email below.

To qualify for the the discount code membership signup requires a minimum of a 90 days before the birthday. 


Click and Connections

Friends&Family Referrals

Thank You!  

1 referral -  On The Go! question 

3 referrals - 30 minutes FREE! 

5 referrals - 45 minutes FREE!

6 referrals - 1 HOUR FREE!

Let your friends or family know to schedule 45-60 minutes and include your name.  How it works: Simply click the contact button with the name of each referral (in case they forget to mention).Use immediately or accumulate time.

talking on phones

Reading Rewards Program

5 Hour Reward

Earn Loyalty Rewards every time you schedule an appointment!  How it works: For each 30, 45 or 60 minutes scheduled you will receive a loyalty card with the rewards total. When the total reaches 5 hours, you will be sent a gift card for a FREE one hour reading. 

Please click Contact Me to request your 30% discount towards your 1 hour appointment.

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