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psychic and prophecy

defining and examples

This page is dedicated to educating on the ability to tap into the Universal Life Force through Extra-Sensory-Perceptions or Sixth Sense.  

The world of psychics is one of the most misunderstood professions and "ability" the majority of people make the most assumptions. It is understandable with so many reported frauds, as well as, undeveloped training not comprehending what is received.

Contrary to the movies, reputable psychics don't fall into the made up names, costumes, gimmicks and just normal people with a specific talent. Like any skill, albeit natural or developed, hard work and practice finds the difference, for the result. A friend phrased it perfectly, "clients are paying for my 20 years of daily meditation and training to perfect hearing the divine universe, unfiltered." 

The following is to bring some clarity to our mysterious world, hopefully, reducing speculation. The information is channeled and not pre-defined from metaphysical, theosophical or other spiritual texts.

A Prophecy 

A timeline of events imprinted into the atmosphere energetically able to be deciphered in any timeline from gifted seers, oracles and intuits capable of transference into the Akashic Records, guided to the energetic string location to decipher.

Analogy: an intricate spiderweb as the psychic ley line covering the globe’s atmosphere, having each thread as a significant event, of what was, what is and what could be and what will be.

Prophecy is a string timeline that has been set in motion for a specific conclusion that will happen. These instances are deemed by Source, creating the millions of variables to align, known as destiny, fate, an apocalypse (awakening), to assist large groups of citizens, regions or globally. The first instance to create the outcome can be from 500 years prior or before, as God is the only Power capable of infinite comprehension.

The Boston Tea Party historically is a prime example for the Revolutionary War to divert the tariffs of England’s Monarch, while Washington marched into new territories and the needed hope of the weary soldiers to continue on open field battle fronts for the victories and citations leading to his charge.



Using the spiderweb, consider the prophecy strings as thicker and predictions as more delicate and transparent.


These represent the high probability of behavioral outcomes and the higher percentage of the population succumb to. The result can veer onto another outcome, what is referred to as the “Goaled Path Pre-chosen”. This is not to say the result is not on path or off. To explain, let’s say a destiny occurred to be somewhere, meet someone as a pivot point for a decision.


All destined connections are powerful with multiple purposes: resolve of a past life, incite an inspiration, experience for a specific amount of time creating a result and yes, some for a lifetime connection.


When destiny is a stepping stone and the connection continues longer than its original purpose (romantic relationships, employment) the soul will feel unbalanced, confused, strong emotions leading to seek intuitively “something is off/missing”. The other souls affected will feel this, too.



1.   The employer who creates a position, waiting for “the candidate” to arrive – as the candidate is still at another job focused on security.

2.   The soul who feels a romantic loss or emptiness, while single – when the energetic imprint swirls around two people to join and one of the two, remains in an unloving relationship.


In both scenarios, a “free will destiny point” is involved. One or both, to overcome or triumph over a particular situation. Timing ranges from immediate up to 1-2 years to allow both individuals to succeed goals. Guides, then direct individuals together.

How this links with behaviors, timing and outcomes:

  • Souls dispositional personality combines with intuitive inclinations and reactions.

  • Pre-birth goals consider these nuances, including trigger-based situations for the most likely result.

  • If ignored, due to an emotional override/fear-expectations, the soul may choose to stay longer in a short-term karmic interaction (job, marriage, relationship, location) and in rare cases, extend past allotted timelines, creating multiple variables as one decision affects several-to many.

Examples of possible outcomes:

  • Another candidate is hired, not as capable or to spark an inspiration to a co-worker or manager that lead's to an important invention.

  • The man or woman waiting for the destiny point, eventually move on with another, perhaps, without or not as intense deep love connection, affecting both with a resonance within of emptiness or something missing.

  • The man/woman who stayed in a marriage, may feel a sense of remorse or regret upon the discovery the destined mate is no longer waiting and in a committed relationship.



Millions of variable scenarios depending on the situation and how many people each decision or indecision, affecting.

Psychics reading timelines and capable of reading multiple timelines – will energetically link into the highest probability, also feeling (when or if) anomalies of improbabilities and offer suggestions (when possible) to keep timelines concurrent.

Examples: suggestions to leave a relationship or employment and/or stay to extend time for a karmic destiny point. The higher the probabilities of occurrences are to align, meaning both or all individuals “on path” the more specific details can be provided.

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How to Read Emotional versus Intuitive Signs

When involved in a relationship creating intense emotions, the desire can be mistaken as "an intuitive link to another". This may be true upon initial introduction or any deeply felt connection, called the kindred soul.


Separating the quiet intuitive self is necessary to distinguish, in any relationship, or situation, fears, desires versus true intuitive guidance (inherent or from heavenly guides)

Fear or Desire Based Emotions - The following are signs your intuition is beckoning a change in current lifestyle, relationship or situation (does not apply to morning a loss of a loved one)

1. Intense sadness, pain and/or confusion lingering more than 2-3 months.

2. Uncertainty is the dominant factor in the mind (longer than 4-6 months).

3. Numbness and lack of motivation (once felt, continues and intensifies with brief moments of relief)

4. Fluctuating moods, including short tempers and patience heightened. (personality change in ongoing stressful or challenging relationships)

5. Mental Negotiations justifying staying or not leaving.

If you are currently in a relationship or feeling the effects of heartbreak relating to the above, guidance is helpful to understand at a deeper level (mentioned in left column- psychic guidance) and/or move on to a brighter future.

Intuitive Emergencies or Warning

I'm including the signs when heavenly guides, including Angels, Spirit Guides and Source send intuitive or physical warnings - for safeguarding personal safety, of any kind.

1. A sudden urgent feeling to leave or stay at your current location. The body intuitive will not question, very powerful with a immediate response.

2. You may hear a word shouted in your head, such as "leave now", "stay", "hide" if impending danger is near.

3. Nature anomalies suddenly appearing that leave no doubt to catch your attention. These will appear as totem symbols for medical or close proximity for environmental. 

4. In situations you feel "something is coming or going to happen" not with warnings or a sense of immediacy, watch for triplicate signs sent through coincidences. The intuitive body feels an approach but can misinterpret as a warning. Reasons depend on what the signs are, such as preparing for an important arrival, meeting or life changing event.

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