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2 Inch Katabori Hotei is one of the 7 Japanese Gods of Luck and Fortune


Information and Description


A netsuke is a small sculptural object which has gradually developed in Japan over a period of more than three hundred years. Netsuke (singular and plural) initially served both functional and aesthetic purposes. 

Approximate age is late 19th C. It is unsigned, serious Netsuke collectors prefer. Subjects portrayed in netsuke include naturally found objects, plants and animals, legends and legendary heroes, myths and mystical beasts, gods and religious symbols, daily activities, and myriad other themes. Many netsuke are believed to have been talismans. These items eventually developed into highly coveted and collectible art forms.


Katabori Netsuke - There are different styles of Netsuke. The Katabori is compact three-dimensional figures carved “in the round”, and are generally about one to three inches high. The smaller, the better.

The figure for sale is 2", sought after size for collectors


The Material is made from animal bone - not ivory, but looks similar and hard to distinguish the difference. The bottom shows details of the angles for identification purposes, and legal sale (we love elephants!)


Price: this specific style, size, age and art sells for $250 - $325 on ebay.  


Shipping: price includes costs for delivery.

Superb Asian Antique Netsuke Hotei made from Bone