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Book 1—Angels, Aliens, Law and Lore (Pages: 341)


23 year old Max Noble, contacts Psychic Medium, Em Powers if she can assist humans with abilities not known to exist and considered only a theory in the metaphysical world. Suspicion bordering on paranoia weaves into the fated meetings of unending coincidences to verge on the fantastical, when Em discovers his links to her life and knowledge of her past and future.


In their journey of exploration, technology is used as the building block with daily observations ranging from topics about the esoteric, love, spirituality, life and God.  The unapologetic and matter-of-fact insights venture into spontaneous profundity and mysticism with periodic lulls. The two characters' perspectives are spontaneous, alluring and uninhibited responses in real time.


Max, the paradoxical young protagonist, quickly takes center stage with unaffected dialog revealing an obscured knowledge and direct personal details about Em. He quietly steers the once strong, confident and witty Em on a road of self-discovery. The audience engage in her private journey as she rebuilds her life from the events, shattering her trust and faith in humanity.


Their chemistry is a unified friendship between two uniquely gifted individuals, sharing rare insights, leaving readers to decide for themselves if Max is a madman or heavenly teacher.

Max Noble - Angels, Aliens, Law and Lore

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