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For Harrison Fisher fans, this is a wonderful collection. If you haven't heard of, I recommend Googling to fully appreciate what is being offered here. These are highly collectible pieces, where the blank cards sell for $40 and individual prints ranging from $25 and up.

*price includes shipping.


The Harrison Fisher Society Collection of American Beauties

Photos in order of the prints included.  High quality thick paper. All are 8 x 11, except #4

1 and 2  Collection 

3  "She Took My Fido" in antique gold frame. Older print

4  'She Needs Not Fashion's Narrow Rule"  5 x 7 collectible newsletter insert 

5  'Her Eyes Were Made to Worship'

6   Amerian Beauty girl

7 Harrison Fisher Society Note Cards 1981 Prints 

Set of 6 Great Moments - Courtship/Wedding - with Box, the acetate box is thin and has some tears..

Each card is printed on quality linen card stock and measures 5 ½ x 4 ¼ with the card closed.

The inside is blank and the back of the card is printed with the information you see in the photo in this listing.



Harrison Fisher Collection

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