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Dragon Fly Necklace with Hidden Magnifier Loop


Gold plated long chain, unique and fun totem necklace. The magnifier loop is attached, and slides out. I love Dragonflies and have a special connection to them, representing the power of the light! The dragonfly symbolism carries with it the wisdom of change and learning through experience .It’s the symbol of joy and lightness,having a deep connection with your thoughts and emotions.


Metaphysical - Totem


The dragonfly symbolism is also an invitation to break away from thoughts and beliefs that are no longer healthy for you. Be open to receive and embrace new ones.


The dragonfly spirit animal symbolizes change and transformation,being open to experience new things. It’s usually symbolic of something big unfolding in your personal journey.They resonate with wisdom and deep thoughts. It symbolizes lightness of being and purity of heart, prosperity that will make its way to you with your determination, dedication, and hard work. The meaning of the dragonfly also symbolizes harmony. When there’s strife, work to have the harmony back. When there’s harmony, do your best to keep it with you always. Do your best to share it with others so that others can also benefit from the gifts that harmony brings.

Dragonfly Necklace w/Magnifier

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