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.925 Sterling Blue Cat's Eye Pendant from Mexico 

(pendant only)


Stamped: 925 Sterling from Mexico



Oval Stone is 3/4" height x 1/2" wide (longest/widest)

Pendant is 1 1/4" from top of clasp

Clasp is sturdy to support heavier chain


Price includes shipping costs


Metaphysical Properties of Blue Cat's Eye

Along with its striking appearance, cat's eye stone is also prized for its strong metaphysical powers and properties. Wearing cat's eye is believed to help protect against unforeseen danger. This stone is commonly known to bring wealth and prosperity and/or help people regain lost wealth. Cat's eye quartz is said to bring good judgement and provide deeper understanding. It is also believed to enhance intuition and to increase one's psychic abilities and powers of concentration.





.925 Cat's Eye Pendant

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