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Life in the body or the other side has fascinated people since the beginning of time. I've read many astonishing and inspiring personal stories of profound NDE experience.  As a Psychic-Medium, I have learned from my client's loved ones journey into the heavens. Never has a spirit guide, celestial or departed loved one explained their experience, as punishment. Their is no Hell or place of forever "you were bad".   The goal is for every soul to achieve. 

Starry Sky

Near Death Experiences and The Book of Life are channeled messages received to help people understand the other side. They are not my opinions, rather shared universal teachings.

What is the purpose of a Near Death Experience?    God

A Near Death Experience is not random and has purpose. The mature mind finds three as the choice to witness: to redirect the mind to truth of spirit, the soul to know the pure spirit, the body infused with the Heavenly Spirit, to return to, and with – fulfilling a purpose.

The experience for a child has multiple purposes, very specific for innocence of life to be the witness and give witness to others. Children speaking of memories experienced, advanced beyond maturity’s imagination or comprehension is a difficult partner for rationalization’s dance to dismiss. Upon returning back, the two worlds of 1)  the body and mind in spirit remain forever linked 2) the psyche of the child select remains with “a knowing” of eternal life, that is.

The God Experience 

During an NDE, the Supreme Consciousness of all love envelops each soul’s arrival; the return of any child will know and experience the connection, shed of the illusions of pain and the denial of self to thrive. This is dissimilar to earthly knowing, a sharp contrast the mind cannot imagine or feel. The many with brief interludes of interactions to witness the infinite wisdom and cherishing soul of God, directly, are selected with purpose, for others to glimpse their moments in the presence and there is, truly.

Why have some returned saying they didn't go to heaven. Some have said to experience a place, described as Hell?


Absolute truths and rigid structures of taught beliefs, resulting in soul punishment, torments or eternal pain will clash. The spiritual mind in truth and the incarnated physical mentality, depending on how extreme can falsify memories and re-translate their spiritual journey, thus manifesting a matrix of their strongly held beliefs and breaking with spiritual guides. In a NDE, the experience could be a hellish type prophecy of sorts, not realizing what was seen was their personal actualizations or unresolved experiential karma. Hell, or places thereof, do not exist, as the All Creator welcomes all. Hell is simply, beliefs and life accountability, in the absolution's of truth, seen in absolute truth, when returned to soul purity.  Re-witnessing the flash of all memories is incredibly joyous or extremely painful when harming another soul intentionally.


A very small percentage have experienced this extreme; the purpose is to re-direct from any practices or remove strongly held beliefs. For those who returned having experienced Hell, simply, witness the thoughts created during their incarnated time. The “NDE” gives them an opportunity to witness themselves, witnessing the collective thought forms created. It can be an amazing opportunity when reuniting back into the body.

Is an NDE the same experience as when physically permanent? What happens during the physical death experience or when the Soul disconnects from the body?


  1. Detachment Ethereal from memory synapses creating visual reviews of the current life experience. This is where the core soul integration resides, merging the past selves with what will be the current to future self; where Deja Vu and energetic soul memory, (such as when meeting a soul mate) occurs and why                                                                                                                               ​

  2. Removal of the Veil when the soul-body merge during the last month of the second trimester or beginning of third, a wall or vale shrouds DNA encoding strands blocking “spiritual sight”, energy existing at particular vibrations. It isn't loved ones come at the end rather, the veil is lifted able to see the energetic life forms already around you*.   As each life advances, what is referred to as “psychic” is a soul having various abilities based on how “in tune” and how in-tune determines how transparent the veil is.                                                                                                                                               

  3. Accessing Highways Transitory:  An intricate web work of portals or Dimensional Doors accessed -  guides chosen or sent are specific to transition or heal (traumas) in a sector matrix, designed for each individually or transported directly back to the heavenly realms to meet with personal guides/teachers/angelic healers.

Soul Guides have varying levels of access to Books of Life and/or Knowledge.  Details pertaining to Souls, in the or about the, Heavenly Realms in specific scenarios require higher access levels of attainment or authorization from Elder Souls to determine the result, as beneficial.

High Level Access required for:

  • Souls deciding or preparing for reincarnation choosing a life experience specific for humanitarian goals

  • Nuances and details of the Heavens the human mind if not evolved experientially in timelines to comprehend or opposite of belief constructs beyond the imagination.

  • Information that interferes with any humans future goals, if known, may alter perceptions and decisions.

Note on Mediumship: Family, friends or loved ones in the heavenly realm, when already reincarnated, the twin soul self-greets during the initial acclimation from the material self to pure soul state self. For any having a medium contact a departed soul, and already reincarnated, the main guide steps in to relay messages to help comfort.

Depending on soul progress from the current-last incarnation and Soul Level, information given to mediums in the variety: as explained, details withheld may be for the living, if known would interfere - in these situations, information will be mostly validation the departed soul is in the heavens and joyful. When the living fear a soul might be "in hell" due to religious teachings, the fear prompts to seek other answers other than what has been taught to ease the mind out of the darkness of false teachings of God. The dearly departed may directly provide the messages to the medium to comfort when the living loved ones are receptive. 

Non-Linear Time

On Earth, all of what has been described can be seconds to minutes, linearly, as is also true while in the heavens. Years on earth can be only minutes in the ethereal planes.  In NDE’s – although the choice is sometimes given, the majority know the soul will return and may by-pass Step 1 and Step 2. Also, since already known as temporary, the reasons have purpose to help the incarnated souls know more about God, the angelic realms and the spirit lives after physical death.

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