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Shout Outs -

from the other side

I'm excited to share a page dedicated for messages I have received from loved ones from the other side. Hopefully, they find who they are intended for. The information will be the message given in its entirety. Not everyone can afford to pay for a reading. This is a gift from me to connect with loved ones and know they are happy and safe. I will try to update a few times a week.

If you don't see a message from a loved one, ask God to help you receive one, in a way that is clear. Know you will be answered in a way that is perfect for you....and not limited to only loved ones, for any questions. It is what I do, all day, talking to my friend.

Aug. 25, 2017

To Alexis G.  from Dad.  Remember the Florida trip when you lost your bathing suit? Tell mom, Happy Anniversary. You talk to me often, asking for advise... yes, break up with the guy you are with...Christine is why.

To Elbert (sounds like)  from your wife, Lisa. The car accident was not your fault. I did cross over and not a ghost, trying to give you a message for closure. I'm with your Grandfather and sister. I love you, even though we fought that night

To Patricia D.  Several friends and family on the other side. Your mom (sill here) will make it through the surgery.  Hang in there, kiddo. It has been a tough year. Things will be looking up, sooner than you think.

To Alan, Tom and Susan: From mom and dad.  Passed awhile ago and something about a peninsula and landing strip. 

To George P:  Greetings from your cousin, Jimmy.  He said, "hey, Montana is nice this time of year."

To Michelle G:  Your twin sister, you never met. "She feels you, too". 

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