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Within the mind matrices is a sequence of digital code, the binary, the root code found in all DNA. Not discovered by Earth's medical or scientific field.   The elaborate design of life, the single common thread connecting all individuals, as one.  The mental portals of time, called thought.


Every action or non-action, in purpose, or for, including motivations, desires and emotions is recorded into each souls "Book of Life".

For a soul to pretend goodness, having opposite motivation or a soul motivated with intentions for goodness true - The Book of Life records the intent, as it can only be - never fooled.

  • All and every soul, without exception, are provided journey's to experience in the variety.

  • All souls have choice to overcome or surpass hardships or dwell in, rise above and back into the light out of torments darkness from others who dwelled.

  • All souls journey include "the average life", living the middle line, as is also true, lives exceptional, below or above. Lives chosen will also experience the physical body and appearance from the perceived grotesque to the magnificent. 

In every experience, as described, adding all colors, geographic locations - many lives combined in one magnificent, glorious story found in personal inclinations, preferences and interests, "programmed" memories of the past combined with the desires of future goals, as living presently.

All souls are given free will - how they choose. How they interact with others - lovingly, indifferent, with blinders or without the illusion for only and who's purpose.

How each choose to record their Book of Life.

Know contrast or goals to reach will not find the heavenly programmer's encoding to break another's soul, disconnect faith, love or any acts to another resulting for. When experiencing, these are souls disconnected from God's omnipotent and all knowing grid for only their time, unaware or not considering.

Time moves forward for every soul to read their Book of Life, eventually. How many lives is needed is when their Book, recording actions, intensions and motivations are for love and loving.

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