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Ethical Responsibility of Psychics, Mediums and Healers

Recently, I came upon a "Celebrity Psychic's" prediction detailing the demise of public figures in many online and print magazine articles. The focus of the stories praised his accuracy of who was going to meet some terrible and very personal fate. We have been in communication previously and I considered contacting him with a message that I saw him dying in the future. He is, after all a "celebrity". My temptation genie put back in the bottle, I sent him a quick message instead, asking if he received permission to publicly announce their fate or would they (and wives, children and loved ones) read it in entertainment news.

Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, etc. have a shaky reputation with those asking for money to rid a curse, the $1000 candle or whatever the con requires. The ones who actually have some psychic intelligence, using irresponsibly are flat out dangerous. Some of my clients have shared horror stories, taking loans out for thousands of dollars or out-and-out terrifying people already vulnerable. It doesn't help the field of esoteric enlightenment is not regulated nor backed by accredited  degrees. Even if it was, it is not a guarantee frauds and cons preying on the innocent wouldn't exist. Unfortunately, the parasitic community is found in almost every profession.

The Short List

What is considered "supernatural" ability, whether it is communicating with other dimensional planes, spirit guides, the universal consciousness, ghosts or accessing non-linear time - has caught the interest of prime time media, as well as, many  assumptions. To help educate the public, I've put together a list a psychic or medium has a responsibility to manage, what information, if given, can have karmic attachment and all healer's  influencing mind, body, soul to adhere to and know, divine law.

1. Healers work with the Supreme God Consciousness to remove illusions, fears and balance the pain body. Those who take advantage of for personal benefit, greed and/or fame, violate Divine Law.


2. Personal information of others has merit when affecting one or many souls. When not, the records of the individual's personage is not to access for curiosity, entertainment or harm.

3. Know the difference of capability to access and what to access.

I hope you find the information helpful. Your comments and questions are welcome.

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