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Original Knowledge of the Soul in Spirit 

AMUSE.GURU is a sister website introducing concepts beyond alternate conscious reality and the I AM within.  The insights from Fifth Dimensional Masters is a 3 Level Structure allowing perceptions to adapt to the Original Knowledge. 


The Discovery Channels discusses Emotional Mind Mapping linked to Human Evolution including: reincarnation, karma, the birth and death process, soul advancement and continues introducing more complex topics connecting the Universe and Source.

The 3 Levels of Discovery are sequentially arranged similar reading a novel beginning to end. The design creates a fortified foundational allowing new paradigms to shift incrementally for guests serious about achieving self mastery.

Level 1 Discovery - lays the ground work of the physical body connected to the divine soul - called being human.  The foundation of the emotional mind map and Source Code.  

Level 2 Self Discovery  - Awakens the introspective awareness exploring hidden beliefs connected to the internal compass of the intuitive soul.  The awakening of the spirit within and synchronization of life.

Level 3 Soul Discovery - Original Knowledge Paradigm permission to be. The Trinity of the soul-mind-body partnership in concert.  Group and familial acceptance strengthens individuality.  Perceptions of reality of the higher self  emerge.  The masks of  illusions freed reveal  The I AM presence

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