Marrika Nakk - if you're a fan, this is pretty cool. Rare find 
Style: Kimono style with wide sleeves. 
Length is just below hips to upper thigh, depending on height. I'm 5'9" and length is lower hip
Colors: Light gold with turquoise, browns and black


From my personal collection:
Picked this up in California over 15 years ago. Worn, maybe 2 -3 times because it's so pretty I didn't
want to damage it.  I hope this finds someone who can appreciate this special little kimono jacket.
I do not know if Marrika ever hand painted one of a kind, but it is what this looks like. If you look at the
details closely, there are light spatters, that hand painted crafted designer clothing has. The whole jacket is unique, inside and out, like a piece of art. I've looked for one similar and couldn't find even one.

Marrika Nakk Kimono Duster