Vanadinite on Barite Raw Natural Gemstone Cluster

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Vanadinite Metaphysical Properties: helps you to stop the thoughts that may interrupt you in meditation. It is a third eye chakra stone and so it will stimulate the pineal gland where psychic gifts originate.

Classified as uncommon

Origin: This is the highest quality vanadinite, from Morocco in northwestern Africa.

Barite: Metaphysically, Barite helps to link us to our highest purpose and higher self. It acts as a magnet to high frequency energy, and activates and clears blockages in the upper chakras allowing for a stronger connection to intuitive abilities. Barite enhances dream recall, friendship, harmony and love.


Raw Cluster Vanadinite

Size: 1" x 1" x 1/2" 

Weight: 14.3 grams

Vanadinite on Barite