Mom, I had a dream, but not a was real! We went to heaven and I want to tell you that Heaven is really boring!

Dean, why is heaven boring?

Because you know everything. In the dream, everything, I mean everything was clear and I automatically just knew everything I don't know here. I can't remember all of it now, just some of it.  It started with both of us and you said, "Dean, I found Heaven", and you pointed to a bright white star, or dot in the sky, at the end of the road didn't take long to get there, and before reaching this point there was a large body of water to swim through but amazingly you stay dry and do not tire! After emerging from the water, we started walking on the ground, in the air...the atmosphere was a starry night and in a few seconds, Heaven appeared.... excerpt from Planting Seeds on Concrete

The Incredible Journey with God

I asked for assistance to convey an important chapter in my life. As always, my friend, God gave me the words.

Asking God, The Supreme Creator directly for answers to life, is when a convergence of challenges collided. Desperation to end the pain, is usually when any human connects to the divine with prayers. I am not the only person to do this, many do on a daily basis. How many actually take a form of action to devote their time for the answers, may be the difference. Religion teaches to advise with the intermediary, the spiritual son or daughter and not directly with Our Father/Mother Creator. An important factor to distinguish. Also, being open to tap into the natural senses and allow direct contact requires the vessel or body’s vibrations to not be overwhelmed, in the process. For this to occur, the soul has either; already endured great and long pain, humbling the ego out of a once reality (from a recent past or childhood) or already worked on raising vibration through meditations. Arrogance, rigid, closed off or narrowed minds with presumed ideas, could break the mind if the Creator’s truth were to behold.


After the convergence, leading to my pleas into the Heavens, a pure request for guidance to assist Earth towards a truth that solidifies, unites and heals – God came, answered and began a journey with me – guiding me every step and breath. This, also required re-programming of my mental matrix, meaning – the belief structures brain washed in place from the layers of time and to be brain cleansed. Receiving His/Her words was easy. Many pages of complex truths received in minutes. My ego to accept I was worthy to receive His words, another and long lasting trial of the wills. Friends, those closest to me were supportive, yet patronizing – like, I needed to think they were God’s words in a grandiose sad delusion. Comments on God’s words would be met with “your opinion”. The concept versus reality of God, who is worthy is met with, ask God and He will answer. These are conjectures, believed for only historical figures of once was or those in notoriety. The closer it is, reality becomes too real. Why would God talk to a psychic medium? No one important, no biblical knowledge, non-religious, non-conformist? Because, I asked, was willing to sacrifice my time, endure the trials put forth before me to understand without preconceptions; study, research in solitude to complete. Many years of a spectacular journey of coincidences, miracles and, many tears, doubts and wanting to give up. God would know who would be able to complete the task and those who ask in vain to end a brief moment in life or personal hardship experienced.


After PSoC was complete, Spiritual and Earth Teachers were sent to help me expand into another awareness of existence and all this implies. On Earth, in the Universe and living among us; evolved beings from other realms. Ascended Masters and the Archangels.


My mother suffered with late years mental illness. During the teacher stage, lasting several years, the question of my own mental health was like a shadow following me everywhere I went. The synchronicity was in extremes, coincidences - mind altering, the hidden teachers pinging the same name, experiences, so I could recognize or question. An example, one week every client calling would say their partner’s name was “Bob”, a boss or co-worker as Philip, living-moving to-originally from Georgia. This is not an exaggeration and happened often. Eventually, I learned the purpose was to rattle out any fears, paranoia and also, create awareness. Prepare me with “anything can happen”, mentality and alert me something much bigger was happening. Having many government clients, it was effective and, maddening. I met “them” as dates who challenged my definitions and conditions, while they would text specific information, similar to clients. While my life turned upside down, more and more vividly detailed dreamscapes occurred as another stage of training to comprehend the full scope of what I was being prepared for. An earlier experience in this time was meeting the Gods, Enki and Enlil, I was not aware of before, in a waking state, spontaneously traveling through the space time continuum into another land, face-to-face with a blonde hair, penetrating blue eyes crowned king at his castle. I met The King of Kings, who stared into my eyes and brought back in time, at the cross with Jesus in three separate events. The third, at the base of the cross crying with blood on my hands. Not to imply guilty but symbolic of holding Christ’s pen of God.  I was shown, Jesus the man, and the Supreme were one – the direct seed – meaning, God Direct among his children to guide souls in need of, from tormentors who enslaved. That we are not to follow any religion or beliefs that separates from others or eliminated the “Mother-Female Essence of Life”. The experiences at the microcosm are too many to list and perhaps even at the macro-level.


The journey of seeking God, found a friend guiding me through the travails of life, lovingly always there, even when I felt alone. Trust and faith was non-existent many times. God had an important message for me to grasp – faith is easy when life is going well – trusting God did not abandon me when challenges were in plenty. All had a reason to benefit my greater purpose, achieve goals and given exactly what was necessary to reach them. God, the vastness of this energy is beyond our fragmental mind and because of this, we have boxed up the essence in the interpretations of man, creating limitations, punishments, what people have desired of self or others, as the desires of this immense force of power. Evil is a man-made creation; no devil/satan and Hell is the tormented mind un-resolved self punishing as a soul’s choice to atone – and atonement is learned when in the body.


God is Love and Loves All Life.