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Savior or Sinner?


Perceptions of what is true or could be is contingent on one’s views, education, family roots and the thousands upon thousands of interlocking stories and experiences, when accepting or dismissing another’s view point.

There is a tale of a man who walked in life believing he was the savior of men and mankind.

During his experience, every facet of his existence – scrutinized every detail before him. Depending on the day, his mind would dance to interpret what God asked of him. When he was inspired, God wanted him to spread love, joy and harmony. When he felt defeated, this man, desperate to rid his own mind of pain and hurt determined the messages he received was to fight and defeat any enemy of God!

The self-appointed savior could not see the contradiction he put before him, how the task in God’s name, was limiting omnipotence thus, humanizing an energy prayed to for miracles and simultaneously thinking God needed defending. His heart was true and intentions truly in the spirit of Grace. 

The man who walked every step and with every breath for God, charismatic, inspiring and filled with the holy spirit affected many and millions more, to this very day. His speech dynamic, religion created unto and for only his way, his words found the prayers heard and holy gates to open.Followers devoted their life, finances, marital rites and political viewpoints to the self-appointed savior, of once was.


Now, he did hear words of grace through the vessel of a man, interpreted as a soul fragmented with limited understanding of what the words given truly meant, when taught. To this day, some words remained pure, others given partially through orations of others, some reinterpreted by more men, with even less knowledge or decree.

The result, many lives filled with glory and grace, as well as, fear of being “unholy” or “sinful” in the eyes of God, creating mental slavery to explore, just in case. Another result, lives perished, sometimes cruelly, publicly and proudly. Many suffered from the pious, outcasts, discriminated and looked down upon with pity, on “they” that did not follow, without the love of heaven.


Simply, live life to learn love of self and all others. Then you know the teachings of God.​ Now, as for the identity of the man who was the self-appointed savior?

Who could it be?