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Topics included (in order)

- How to Be Friends with God

- Star Gazers

How to Be Friends with God

channeled with my friend, God

Can anyone be friends with God? You are a concept, not understood and many believe not worthy to speak to you directly.  Please tell us what type of relationship you would like to have with us.


I want to know what you like, what irritates, brings joy, worries – present or future concerns.


I already know but say it in your own style. Don’t say it to God – say what is on your mind, as you would to your father or mother, or personal friend.


Know how I feel about right, wrong, good, bad, in thoughts or deeds. Replace these words with preferences. There isn't right or wrong in absolutes, of any action.

All is forgivable, re-directable, until acceptable and self-accepted.


Morality -  My preferences are for actions to show what is already known, as right or wrong. The perceived wrong is already understood, when known or exposed, as thoughts against or towards an unwilling victim.


Sexuality -  Private sexual thought with fear shame – acts that do not harm another directly or involuntarily. The reasons for the act or thought, I already know the reason, it exists. Many times, existing to resolve until released or not feeling shame. This is the fastest way to heal – allowing the thoughts to cycle in the mind creating awareness of how the thought became.

You see? Sinful, as taught was presumed for God – this grew into decrees, tenants, canons, mingled with providential laws of each tribe combined, collected becoming ritualistic for each segregation, in my name. Know this from Me and ease worries as you talk and share with Me your stories.


Principality - I love the beauty everyone holds – see the intentions of grace to please me, to be near me and know me in heaven. Before any return to the body, I know the path, sorrows and elations of every soul. I remember what you forgot, see why the hurt and anger or temporary denial of my existence – as I also know fortitude's when the mind eases and returns back to Me.

As I am – All religion and non-religions are a part of Me, as you are all Me.  

  • My preference is for soul independence to resolve acts of harm to any other – to re-consider, as in your name and not thy holy eternal.

  • My preference is a direct relationship without holy scriptures to know me,

  • To pray to Me directly in any name is the beautiful music of the soul connecting into Me, embracing Me, allowing our connection to embrace each other.

  • Pray to Jesus, as we are the same

  • Pray to Allah, as originally known and find me, again

  • Pray to Muhammad, for his quest to free the people and unite all gods, as one 

  • Pray to Shiva as finding the Holy Spirit within you

  • Pray to yourself as the ultimate connection of you and I, as one.


The prayer is “Hallow be thy name”, as We. That is what's in a name.


Hallow be thy name, My Kingdom come…without the H - is Allow.

Allow yourself to be unique, to discover who you are without worries, if the choice is right or wrong or what another soul will value you as for your choices. The same soul did not ask you for theirs.

  • Judgment silent is for each soul to discover why it exists

  • Judgment expressed to harm or criticize is not my preference as each are individually magnificent. Not all are qualified to determine opinions for life choices, physicality or what is. Motivations discover for whom is.

  • As all prefer to live in joy, happiness and harmony – then give out for the same. The gifts you give to another and others is the law of attraction, if the other and others are able to feel, except and Allow the offer.

  • For those who give love, acceptance and their time to others, without equal reciprocation, know many are fearful, hold unresolved conflict, pains; including the sometimes, over-inflated ego and pride.

  • Those who are loving without undue expectations, eventually, as all is in the universe, returns. It is not a test or lesson and always finds its purpose.


I am easy to be friends with. You are all and always accepted.  My patience, without end. My judgement redefined –

  • every moment I will love you,

  • every emotion I will embrace,

  • every name or any name I will answer.

  • Leave the Hell, damnation, fire lakes, eternal pain, guilt and wrath, at the door, taught as.


If God has conditional love, this is how I define,

I prefer all to know Me for every action that inspires individuality of self – as selfless, allowing your preferences to be and be recognized as you are all My preferences.

The Star Gazers                                                                                    


This is an in-depth answer answering several questions (in bold). It requires a good 10 minutes of dedicated time to truly comprehend His profound reply. 


Humans on Earth are influenced, guided and for some, taught from sentient life living in the ever-expanding universe connected to the Supreme Consciousness – what awareness, if anything, has God created for the very same teachers to recognize? The motivation behind the question is recognizing the human potential iterated several times. Earth has many global issues, struggles with serious problems the majority of people would actively participate in solving, if they knew specifically how. Does soul mastery, as the ancients have accomplished and/or beings with vast knowledge inherently know this or the collective conclusions of global conditions?


The next question “how can one save the world?” History has shown how to destroy; is it as easy for opposite conclusions? These questions are presented to God, as only God can answer, absolutely.

My Masters of the most-true, knowing and with complete comprehension of omnipotence totality, are imparted with the sacred knowledge pertaining to every soul, without question. Any assigned directly by Me, are this. Words and actions, are as I would, with few exceptions. What is not provided to My Teachers, is My Plan for individual souls, as one whole to unite in unity. As discussions previously mentioned, a glimpse or the essence to achieve, this is true. How, as you say, with current world conditions has remained subjective, in details. The conclusions from the beings in the starscapes with profound abilities see concurrently, beyond notions the human physical mind could grasp. Truly grasping the concept of Universal Knowledge and all this entails, is not reserved for any particular group.

  • It is the absoluteness of attainment of the self,

  • the self of all embodiments,

  • all embodiments connected to the link of all matter,

  • all matter equaling all time,

  • all time that surrounds and enfolds All that is,

  • All that is, as Who I Am, that is the All Universal God,

  • The All Universal God’s particled reflection within All Life and the creation from all life.


To know God is to know My intentions that were, are and will be. As The “I” knows the beginning into eternity, the infinity and infinite existence, experiencing every molecule energetically created in the multitude and within the multi-verse, separately unique – conjoined in the time streams of My Consciousness, had and has reason, or would not be.


The trueness of My Collective Oneness, created all parts of Myself, in the variety with the complexities for My own potential to expand.


For Earth, the soul encapsulated within human flesh, given free will to choose durational experiences throughout time, was not random, nor created with more or less, comparatively, to other life forms. My existence is not competing with itself. As is also true, the complexities of the human race, as one collective whole, have the effects from key individuals, historically, that have veered many paths affecting many millions and more, to the current conditions, “in the name of” evolution. Positioned leaders are on Earth to counter-balance My beautiful children back into the light, as heard several times, the few affecting the many or one who can affect the many, will be neutralized for all to thrive.


All teachers or presumed intelligence truly knowing God, knows I Am all life, and God will not fail, nor can. What has been allowed, concluded from free will’s choices, was already known. There is absolutely not one instance, in any timeline, on any planet supporting life, of any soul, I am not aware of, as I am aware of the totality of My-Self. Any life to be or of the past, concluded or concluding, for any result – could not be, without My knowing or blessing. Destruction or Evolutionary’s foretold into peaceful citizenry, is always known. One decision affecting millions or billions, is always allowed but what is not understood, when allowed, is not free will of the individual that compromises other’s free will en-masse. The most complex advanced life forms have mistaken conceptually the truest definition, in its simplicity.


Free will of the individual does affect another. Free will affecting the course of humanity to conclude with; actions or non-actions affecting events/individuals for thousands of lifetimes, is at My discretion.


It is not, every human responsible for all actions, as this is an impossibility for any soul to be everywhere or interfere with individual’s choice. Souls are created individually to experience, as, or I would have created, otherwise. These are the simple observations the observers have not recognized or aware of; those with claims of human’s who affect the Universal Collective Consciousness’ progress while explaining omnipotence, unable to see the contradiction, not divinely.

How can one person change the world for unity, love and peace? First, know the intention from one or several, creates an energetic cohesion of love, in God’s purity of purpose. The intention, when not for personal achievement, but for all to achieve without accolades or witness...achieves a single pure thought. The intention, created for all to unanimously succeed, without any thoughts to please God and to know I am aware of all motivations driving every thought, knows oneness defined absolutely. A single note of God’s grace to rise above into the heavens found in purpose, for the ultimate purpose, reverberates into the heaven’s and alerts the Divine Covenant for energetic reciprocation. The soul can be young, mid-level or advanced, as all have the God Essence within. The soul can be lovingly or fearful, for any intention is separate of the soul’s overall goals. One spark found within, defying considered ascension’s timelines gives credence to the knowing, any soul can find a moment of pure reflection, within.

In history, the souls who have created one single thought of My True Essence, unknowingly, simultaneously healed thousands upon thousands, afflicted. Every soul transformed out of despair, is cherished by others, providing relief of one and one connected to family and friends. Multiply 10,000 healed to include the affected, energetically stimulating the energetic imprints from one instance to spread into other instances, as each soul discovers.


The result is a single day with a continuous flow of overwhelming joy flooding into the world, affecting the general population, removing lower vibrational occurrences stagnated in the atmosphere. A single thought of pure love, not excluding any soul or group, regardless of personal differences, assaults against humanity, or depraved and especially, is a rare gift; for this is the soul knowing all are born into the light, all are of Me and I say this to all; all are capable of.