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True Love - Mother Mary          The Fence Sitters - Pallas Athena              Love and Coincidences - Djwhal Khul – The Tibetan

True Love Defined 

Mother Mary


How does any have love unless known, known as love and as the many shades of lifetimes; each nuance exquisite to despair in heart break, or as joy triumphant.

  • Love for a mother, father, sister, brother

  • Love for life and life of all life living.

  • Love for others and love thy self.


Be it as sweet as the gentle rain or love bringing pain as a sacrifice to witness the personal soul.


The heart shattered – for “what is” the decision when a soul reaches or surpasses the limits of full emotion? What are the words to bring peace and solace when the heart can only feel, hear and see love not given or returned?


To know the reason and there was, a purpose.


Who they are, why they are, for so many – in one life, many lives until Mastery. Around the student who beckoned us, around before knowing who would – to endure the first step to the last. Bring your light eternal into the heavens.


Know the darkness of pain is temporary to endure, once or once more, was for others to also witness your actions for the heart’s explosion and to gage their own for the task incomplete.  For the truest of love rejects false words and knows when words for love are false, for the reaction.

  • Love seeks, bends and wants to be near and find.

  • Love never hides, gives excuses of why to justify for only their time and nay for yours.

  • Love is recognized, passionate, enduring, giving and forgiving.

  • Love is natural, comfortable, protective and protecting

  • Love is not scheduled, held back, paced, rejected or denied for reasons never to know or be known.


The many colors and intensities are found, one by one – as two – not three or more. For the truest of hearts can only know the one other. Words found defining the most sacred of vows in the multiplicity for many or more, is true when for: all people, all children and equally for all life. Love for the intimate is intimate, as defined.


As Our Father in Heaven, As Our Mother in Heaven,

As One in Heaven,

would not seek outside of, for many to fulfill or fill as, or avoid.


Described as enlightened, overcoming jealousy or fear within the heart, is only true for one, and one other. For only the ones who know the truest of love can describe without error the most personal emotion, known by few.


Know love is the one word to evolve. Understand, it is the only purpose for achievement. Love is the reason of why you are here and God, within. The simplest of concepts when two people allow the most complex and to know how.


To know how, found in demonstration.

Found in demonstration when in front of you.

What Are They Thinking?

Pallas Athena


The fence sitting and straddlers. What do they not want to give up?




Know ahead of time avoids the chaos and emotional investments of the mind in the continuous state of wondering. The conscientious mind of love and in love, will not negotiate to convince, capable of seeing truth and not their truth of what it is “supposed” or “needs” to be.  Watch for phrasings of power and control and call it something else:

  • Convincers that split and not unifies

  • Pressures of being too much, too fast

  • Employment priorities for reasons around togetherness, changing suddenly. There are times when this is true and typically discussed to not create concern. 

  • Dependency, as needing time or for their decisions, asking partners to wait without knowing how long.

  • Watch for signs of the victim status, blaming others and opposite of truth. This a placeholder of distraction to keep and not.


Know without a doubt, when considered permanent to be in one’s life – as a friend or intimate companion, effort is made to free doubt in the mind and to rejoice, together. When seen inconsistent, when felt imbalanced, trust your instincts even with the heavy heart.


Release for another to welcome your company.


Release them to their own confusion, to find personal freedom of what could have been to endure suffering in the hopes of being chosen, or the hopes they will eventually love you. This delays the chance for new love to arrive; as one never met or the one already known forever without a decision. Every time you let go of old patterns, new energy happens.


Redirect focus to the advanced mind; who invites and engaging in the peaceful disposition to return the same.


Love is a gift that does not divide, separate thoughts to be or not to be with, assumed ideas, or felt as individual power and over powered.


To find love again, you will allow and be open for any physical form and not focused on only the physical to recognize the chemistry already felt or could be.


Watch for change when not in wondering, ebbing out or the flow in of knowing.


love and coincidences

Djwhal Khul – The Tibetan


Why does a person get an overload of coincidences and signs for a particular love interest or any person?


Some souls will receive more than others relating to a particular time to achieve goals, as a prompting to make a decision other than what currently doing or not doing. Although, it is not in the awareness both the focused and focused on will experience the many signs, either to lead to or lead them in a particular direction.


When is it experienced to bring two people together for romance or the soul mate for love?


When the signs lead to both being in the same place, physically at the same time (not because of habit or creating the situation) that defy possibilities considered and including signs leading up to meeting them. Example: if met once, then seeing them again, as if planned in timing or seeing them often in various places until both recognize and communicate.