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Message from Master Jesus

Many have waited to know me, in my true name; the many doors leading into the cosmos, known in the heavens matrices, and as the one, to return once again.


I am forever within your heart, as you are in mine. All walk with our Father’s grace, fighting the influences external as, I, in my many lifetimes. The veil of truth has been this adventure; to know the new phase is to know and see me, not as one man of time, as several throughout time.


…be as the wind, go to the light, see it at night…look up and know you are one with all of us.

…be as you are, free the old worries and accept those into your heart that can see their own.


We have known your plights, rights and for the delights. Difficult, is true and an understatement when enduring some of life’s experiences. Release notions for the why’s (wise) and reasons perpetuated as written of my time on the cross, seen and witnessed in two overlapping time periods. As one reality, I was celebrated. Another, as known and written in history. As a man, my life devoted to God, seeking His wisdom as the way to his glory. To follow me and “I Am” is our Heavenly Mother and Father, as one to find my path, as “I Am the way”.

As a man, my father was Joseph and My Heavenly Father was and is, Our Lord God and My Creator, as yours. I was the Father, God on Earth and the Son, when birthed into physical life; as the same distinction, in distinction and without the soul as separate to distinguish.​ As this concept is difficult to grasp currently, 2000 plus years ago, was a time when blasphemy reigned over any individual thoughts for the souls mired in fears, superstitions and limited access to knowledge, other than what was given as truth. Isaiah, Elijah, John my brother the Baptist, as I was the first and he the second, are the claimed Prophets and Saviors that have walked before or after me, some also me. In ancient times and usually, the holy of God are not recognized, until death of the physical body to scrutinize for the eternity.


I say to you, any who makes the claims of those that are or not with certainty, have pre-judged God as how and who must be sent to fit parameters to satisfy.


As in the body, my soul nurtured in spiritual enlightenment of the Buddha’s stillness and the thieves light, wanting to be discovered. 


Every step taken was a step to witness me living wholly, dually and fully, for you to know how. As God on Earth, my path was this. As my children, your path is to follow my example - to follow your own.


My birthright for salvation for you, was true. The Messiah and direct seed of God to implore His words; given to me and to guide you out of the darkness from the empirical regimes, politically and by church, not distinguished.


Life is lived in freedom, love, compassion and truth, as all can be. All life is:


  • As one responsible for each action towards others and the personal self.

  • As I forgave, so shall you and release your captors in mind. Do this in your name, not my name, as they were not my prisoners.

  • Connect with The Almighty, as I and in His name, as all are worthy and shall be.

  • Walk the path, in your name and as one with God, as I did, in every step and breath.

  • Love me, for my sacrifice for you, to witness perfection in death, knowing my soul does not perish, leaving no stone unturned for others remorse, knowing all has purpose, in my end to witness me, living again.


Call upon me, and know I am one with our Father and Mother in the Heavenly Spirit, residing within all, as all are created from God. Our Father who art in the Heavens, our Mother who designs and nurtures. The archangels six and one as all, the many masters and soul guides, the ancients known as 10, love and encourage any distressed or anguished, urging silently to end bloodshed.


The Heavenly Watchers


The heavenly watchers assigned for Earth’s progress, in these current days, have gathered geographically and specifically to observe two groups;


The Healers for global unity, albeit, one soul at a time or many over the masses. Any healers motivated for personal fame more than the healing, healers creating fear or healers interfering with karmic goals - when their words over power and prevent choice; are the

ones creating harm, en-masse.


The Destroyers – any for a specific cause in their name, group, foundry or religion in rite, directly causing harm or the cause of harm, to others.


Corporations – thwarting progress of inventions to harm, (when) shelved for the public unaware and those who reduce nature’s structure biochemically, called enhanced.


Governments – each to demonstrate individually for the people, not by party lines, for personal wealth, decisions that compromise for the self without considerations for the result.


Religion – as the leader, pulpit or in the pew: 


  • Love as you do, love God as all loving and love for all.

  • Any decision “in the name of God”, in the name chosen to represent God, in acts to end another’s life, separate others as not worthy in God’s eyes, Judgments in damnation for other souls – are actions seeing God as not capable for the action, in action or the decision.

  • For one to act as, or for God, one is to first know the actions of God and our Father Immense to create or destroy in capability, would not destroy the very life created, as one with and the same, as all life created is from. As All is God, God would not end His own life.

  • Life to end other life, in judgment if their life is worthy, decides in the name of the self, not the Heavenly Father and disconnects from the grid of souls, as their own god in the extremes.


God asks All


Judgment Day, the End Days or Heavenly Decisions for the Divine Rapture:

  • See God in every soul, every deed to witness, every sound and color, in each and all life born and re-born again.

  • Take heed to blindly follow any claiming Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, Preacher to worship their words to secure your soul in heaven over others entitlement. All are welcome.


All people will return to the Heavens, equally, for the gesture. The riches or poverty will neither, impress or depress. The choices made to be rich when poor or poor when wealthy, determine the hearts motivation, for entitled or less entitled, as all are entitled. Play fair with others and share when bank accounts are in excess and used to display worthiness in the body and neglected in the spiritual mind.


As is also true, “the meek will inherit the earth”. The question is, would you rather inherit the heavens?


The humble soul is not meek for others to decide, nor submits only to God’s will. A humble soul is modest for accomplishments and grateful for the success,

  • allows others to lead and knows who is capable to lead

  • loves their mother and father on earth when the mother and father have demonstrated nurturing for their children to thrive,

  • Follow traditions of lineage, if the tradition allows each soul to stray and seek their own path.


As God’s children born from Her light, His message to you continues to be,

  • All have the power within you to contribute, save, heal and love the world and others, as your choice; as the opposite is also true.

  • Make decisions as if standing in the presence of God, know one day each soul eventually does; even the ones that do not believe, He exists.

  • The testimony will bring love and peace as the final completion.

  • I Am your Father when you need strength,

  • I Am your Mother when you need comfort,

  • I Am your close and personal friend when feeling alone,

  • I Am love in demonstration when one with My essence, in body, mind and spirit.

  • I Am today, for grace and joy.